food excellence

It’s all about great food, to go!

At Freshways, we make food-on-the-go moments special, we don’t believe in compromise. That means we work with local producers and growers in our continued quest to deliver new and exciting tastes. We stay ahead of the curve by conducting ongoing market research to gain insight into what customers really want.

Your success is Freshways’ success. We’re committed to helping you grow your business by offering the right solution for your customers. Simply put, this means that your customers will always have truly tasty, fresh and healthy, great food-to-go. 

Ian Mullin, Head of Food and Innovation

markets we serve

We pride ourselevs on working in broad and diverse industries!


We’re hugely proud of this unique, high quality range, born of a desire by our chefs to create something that stands out from the crowd and keeps customers coming back for more.


Serving retailers since day one, our category knowledge, range management and innovation pipeline that keeps us ahead of the curve has ensured we know what your customers want.

specialist foodservice

We know people in specialist outlets and other institutions deserve and need only the very best food. At Freshways we pride ourselves on providing a range of approved products to enhance the most demanding specialist foodservice offerings, from dietary specific to nutritionally tailored lines and everything in between.


A range your passengers will keep coming back for. We offer bespoke solutions to maximise revenue and space management with minimum waste.

our partners

Partnering with Freshways is a recipe for success!