making progress

Over the last year we have worked hard to reduce our utilities consumption!*

electricity reduction

water reduction

*2020 versus 2021: Percentage consumption versus number of products produced.
In the coming months we will be exploring how we can reduce our natural gas consumption.

why it matters

We are continuously working to reduce our impact on the environment!

Minimising our impact on the environment is a priority here at Freshways. It’s all about reduction.

We’re reducing the energy, gas, water and electricity used in our food production. We’re reducing our waste. And we’re reducing the plastic used in our packaging.

We’re also trying to be as innovative with our environmental solutions as we are with our food: we now have our own well here at Sandwich HQ which means we don’t need

to rely on the County Council water supply. We are also investigating how we can harvest rainwater to flush toilets.

When it comes to sustainability we are doing well and working hard to do even better into the future.

our mission

Sustainability is no longer a nice thing to do, it’s a necessity!*


6 million skillets moving from landfill to recycling!


Thinner board means more than 31.442 tonnes of cardboard reduction!


No plastic film means 41.62926 tonnes of plastic being removed from packaging!

*Based on a full year estimate of volume.

2010 – 2020

All our wrap packaging is now made from recycled material and is recyclable itself!

2010 – 2020

All our pasta tray packaging is now made from recycled material and is recyclable itself!

2020 – 2021

All our skillets will be made from sustainable wood board and wood fibre!


The future is biodegradable film and 100% recyclable packaging!