our strategy

Quality and Food Safety are fundamental to Freshways!

At Freshways, we take food safety seriously. From sourcing and preparation to assembly and packaging, our staff are trained to assess our food production, ensuring the highest standards are met. A great example of this is our vegan certified production facility which provides a variety of plant-based lunch options.

Testing and audits at Freshways are exemplary, allowing us to meet not just regulatory requirements but customer expectations too.

 This means our products undergo chemical analysis to ensure our labelling is accurate and informative. All our food offerings are subjected to rigorous microbiological testing to establish a shelf life.

Finally, our food safety auditing programme is used to drive continuous improvements. Freshways food is safe food.

Suzanne Kelly

Chief Operating Officer

Favourite Sandwich

Green Goddess Salad Bowl


Freshways food is safe food!

the key points

Our experience, and rigorous Food Safety Management system, provides our customers
and their consumers great trust in the quality Irish food we supply!

Certified to the highest globally recognised standards for food safety.

200 approved suppliers, managed, audited and held accountable to deliver our exacting quality and microbiological standards.

1,800 product quality control checks carried out everyday from farm to fridge.

A dedicated ‘New Product Introduction’ team (NPI), solely focused on scaling up and launching new products to market.

Partnering with Camden BRI, one of the worlds leading authorities on food safety.

Irelands first vegan certified food production facility since 2019.